Bellbird Crescent Pres Muska – June 16th @ 24 Moons

Sat at the edge of Forrest in the Northern parklands, there lived a little Bellbird. Handsome, young and full of beans, the little fella looked out across the arid plains that he has called home for all of his juvenile years. Surrounded by the wise groans and the mighty moans of his current surroundings, our miniature hero couldn’t help but wonder what more there was to this wide, wide world.

As he sat and pondered this the well known and mighty MUSKA, appeared from nowhere like a fairy godmother…

‘Why do you look so perturbed Little Bellbird?’ MUSKA asked and our little hero began to explain his quandary.

MUSKA began to tell tales of concrete forests with trees, trees as high as the eye could see. He went on to describe the native animals of this habitat, and how very peculiar they both looked and acted. The mating ritual of these upright beasts intrigued him the most.

MUSKA explained that the the mating call consisted of tribal beats and deep baselines, and the males and females all displayed the most random poses and thrusting shapes.

‘I must observe this for myself! The little bellbird exclaimed, ‘can you take me there?

And in that instant MUSKA ‘pop’ disappeared.

In his place there lay a colourful piece of paper that looked remarkably similar to his current environment.

It read:

Bellbird Crescent presents MUSKA
24 Moons Northcote
Friday 16th June 10pm til late

And with that, our little hero knew exactly what he had to do.


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