New live recordings now online!

SoundcloudAs a bit of a new years resolution I’ve been trying to cart along my recorder to all of my gigs – the recordings don’t necessarily come out perfectly all of the time, but some of the time I’m happy enough to make them available to the public. The last few months has seen me graced with the opportunity to play at some really phenomenal parties. A handful of these live recordings have come out really well and I’ve since uploaded them to my Soundcloud page for streaming and free download. One VS set with Dave Juric being re-recorded after the gig because we just had such a bloody great time.

Anyway, see below for a run-down of the most recent few that I’ve made available. I hope you guys can get as much enjoyment out of listening to them as I did playing them. The response and support I’ve felt at these events was easily the reason why I enjoyed playing them so much. Massive thanks to those rocking out at the gigs, and to those now listening, sharing and dancing to them 🙂




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