February 2011 Chart

Eggbert - OpenIm so slack with these, so my utmost apologies for not getting them in more regularly. But here’s my Feb top 10! In no particular order.

  1. Bedrock – Emerald (Henry Saiz Remix)
    About a year old, but this storming remix somehow passed me by! Big mainroom prog feel that is pretty much just a constant build up. MASSIVE feel to it!
  2. Chris Lake – Sleepwalker (Original Mix)
    Techno/Electro crossover tune with a lot of attitude! Sold half-time breakdown that speeds up and drops massively. Great tune to use to bring the vibe up and get things rocking.
  3. Soundprank – A Single Many (Original Mix)
    Beautiful melodic Prog with a slight Tech-house tinge to it. Lush breakdown with a heavenly piano roll that’ll make you melt.
  4. Hiroyuki ODA – Submarine (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
    Melodic Prog-house with a heavy Trance-nod. Huge Jaytech vibe coming from Japan, weirdly enough. Totally in love with this. Has it all: Spine tingling piano rolls, sweeping strings and a strong beat.
  5. Charlie May – Running Across A Busy Street (Original Mix)
    Deep Prog chugger that oozes that classic high quality Charlie production. Hypnotic and very interesting; a great opening type of tune.
  6. Funk D’Void – Flealife (Christian Smith Remix)
    Up-beat peak-time Techno. Punchy and rhythmic remix that stays true to the original holding onto the classic D’Void synths and melody.
  7. Eggbert – Open (Original Mix)
    Current “Techno” at it’s very finest. I’d almost classify it as prog, but what would i know. What I do know is that it’s an epic track with a HUGE build up and drop that’ll set the dance-floor alive.
  8. Stanton Warriors – Turn Me Up Some
    This is peak-time Stantons by the numbers. Pure breakbeat with a strong bass-line that’ll strip paint.
  9. Gui Boratto – It’s Majik (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)
    Solid Techno remix. Dreamy and slightly down-beat with flowing vocals throughout.
  10. Sasha – Belfunk
    A re-release on Beatport that got a digital re-mastering. Sasha at his finest! An absolute prog gem. I mean, what tune nowadays can get away with a 5 minute break-down?!

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