Fluidlife Lunar Pres. FACIENDO – Desyn Masiello & Tom Morgan – June 1st @ 161

Prognosis steez occurring at the next Fluidlife party on June 1st! We’ll be handling the basement with a strong contingent of Prognosis DJs – that of which the one and only PQM will be headlining with a 2 hour feature set. Hit us up for guestlist prices. This is going to be one hellova evening!

“Faciendo’s core sound is the universal language of dance music. At our core, we play any genre of house music that speaks to and comes from the heart, be it labelled minimal, techno, garage, funky, progressive or breaks. Music that speaks to the heart can be found in many genres of music though, and so on the right occasion we showcase our eclectic, downbeat, dubstep or drum & bass sounds. No matter what the style or tempo though, you will always recognise the Faciendo heartbeat.”

A teenager at the time the rave scene exploded in the UK over twenty years ago, Desyn Masiello has been part of the house music and rave scene since the start. Desyn was a dedicated vinyl junkie from day one, and has a tireless passion to create DJ sets that lift the soul, move the body and open the mind. A full time professional touring DJ for the past 10 years, he has played almost every mega club and every major festival in the world, from a career he started from one mix cd that he sent out in 1999, which earned the respect of various promoters around the world who started to book him. Career highlights have seen him appear on the front cover of DJ magazine (Jan 2010, with SOS) and release over 5 DJ mix CD compilations into the stores worldwide on labels such as Balance, Ministry of Sound, Bedrock and Yoshitoshi. Desyn has also appeared in the DJ magazine “Top 100 DJs” three times, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Once introduced by John Digweed on his radio show as “the man that never sleeps”, this was really recognition from one of the legends of the scene of just how much passion and work is required to craft his sound and stand out as a DJ. Desyn is a self confessed vynil addict, admitting that he spent most of his youth in dusty second hand record stores, amassing a musical knowledge and taste that stretches across many genres.

Desyn’s career was built almost purely on his DJing ability, having only released a handful of low key underground co-productions in his career, it was instead word of mouth and reports from the dancefloor of his DJ sets that sparked his rise and recognition. He has a work ethic that is focused almost entirely on the production of DJ sets. Desyn states “I really focus all my work time on preparing and editing tracks and dj tools for my DJ sets that take you on a special ride and open your mind to new feelings.”

In 2006, having been voted at that time no. 54 DJ in the world, Desyn and his fellow SOS’ers (Omid 16b and Demi) took a U-turn and decided to focus their work away from a solo direction, and instead team up and create the musical DJ-trio of SOS. SOS was a project born out of three like minded friends who lived in London and all grew up with similar musical tastes and passions. Their journey together saw two CD compilation releases into the stores and took them on a four year tour around the world playing together as a back to back DJ-trio. “Working in a team and trying something totally new with two very talented other music heads was an invaluable experience for me as a DJ, we all shared knowledge and skills and helped each other grow as people and artists.”

2011, Desyn is now fully focused on DJing individually again, a new weekly radio show and forthcoming new album release are all lined up, and the non stop world tour continues. Watch this space.

Slowly but surely, Tom Morgan is establishing himself as one of the next generation of household names, with an ever-increasing fan base and a growing amount of support from the industry’s biggest DJs. From Bogota to Bangkok, Budapest to Dubai, Tom has forged a reputation as one of the most diligent and versatile artists on the circuit; a view also shared by Desyn Masiello, who tipped him as ‘a DJ who’ll break through in 2006’ in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll. Tom’s tireless devotion to the craft is there for all to hear in each and every set, with his sound possessing a maturity that defies his years.

“I’ve known Tom for a long time since he used to come and see me at one of my first residencies up in Scotland. He’s got a spot on ear for a hot tune and I’ve always supported him – the man has a solid DJ career ahead of him.” – Desyn Masiello

Born in 1985, Tom has been immersed in music ever since he can remember. However, since being bitten by the house music bug at the age of fourteen, he hasn’t looked back. A regular at seminal Scottish house night Progression, where regular guests included Desyn, Danny Howells, Luke Fair and Lee Burridge, Tom’s teenage years were spent practically living in clubs. Seeing DJs of that calibre on a regular basis helped feed his passion and provided the basis of an education on what moves a dancefloor.

“I have many ‘where the $%*& did he get that?’ moments when listening to Tom’s sets. He plays some of the best music out there and has a great ear for tunes.” – Luke Fair

Tom is renowned for playing a wide range of music that traverses many genres, with his sound becoming increasingly difficult to pin down; anything from 115 BPM downtempo and deep house all the way through to peak time progressive and banging techno. His sets possess a trademark personal touch; packed with unknown gems that have passed beneath the radar of most, with many tracks edited in line with his musical vision. This reputation was cemented further by Desyn’s decision to hire him in an A&R capacity for his prestigious Alternative Route label; giving him access to a vast number of tracks and ensuring that practically his every waking minute is spent listening to music.

“Tom is undoubtedly a true music lover who is set for great things to come.” – Omid 16B

With Tom’s profile on the rise and his sound creating more demand, a global tour was sparked in 2006, encompassing a host of South American countries as well as all over Europe, Asia and America. This gave him the chance to hone his skills in a variety of environments, both headlining and sharing the booth with DJs like Nick Warren, Jimmy Van M, Desyn Masiello, Omid 16B, Jody Wisternoff, Luke Fair and Spirit Catcher.

Fluidlife Lunar – FRI JUNE 1 – OneSixOne


BASEMENT: PROGNOSIS (Virginal Appearance At Fluidlife Lunar)
PQM / Kultrun / J-Slyde / Dave Juric / Simon Murphy

Online tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?366979
Guest list:


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