Frisky Loves Australia –

This Saturday, 26th May, see’s Frisky Radio dedicate a showcase to Australian DJs and Producers. I was lucky enough to be asked to provide a mix for the showcase. Huge honor to be included with some of my idols and highly respected friends. I put together a one hour mix of prog and melodic techno and opted to mix it as a traditional DJ mix, using CDJ 1000s and a DJM800 mixer. It’s a strictly up-tempo affair, that you’d quite easily hear me play out live at any of our Prognosis events.

My mix will be available is now available to download via my Soundcloud account.

Further details on the show can be found over at the Frisky Loves Australia page.

Artists included on the roster:
Aaron Static
Steve May
Herc Kass
Luke Chable
Ryan Papa
Evy Star
Simon Murphy
Timothy Allan
Rich Curtis

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