On the lookout for gigs!

Just a quick one to get the word out that I am extremely keen to land myself some more gigs. After a massive break from gigging, and the scene in general, whilst I moved house and sorted some shit out, I am now settled and ready to jump back on board. I’m not fussy with where I play or to what type of crowd – as long as they appreciate what I play, I’m content.

Fee’s are highly negotiable dependent on the type of event. So please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information. If your interested to hear the type of music I play head on over to the Mixes page. There’s 2 recent sets, one DnB and one Prog, that will give you a good idea of where my interests lay. If you’d like to hear more you can also head on over to my old mix page HERE and check out a heap of older mixes from the past few years.

Im not really one to talk myself up and I hate sucking up to promoters to land gigs – I prefer to score them on my own merits and let my music do the talking. So if you have the a spare moment please give them a listen. If you like what you hear, please help spread the word – drop a link Facebook or burn a CD for a friend. Every little bit helps.


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