Resident Bass – Set time change

Ahoy all! My set time for tonight @ Resident Bass has changed (again). Im now playing in the DJ comp between 2-3am vs with Deally. See below for the full set times.
I also have 2 x $15 spots avail on my guest list  – so if your interested in coming down and don’t want to pay full price email me at jslyde[at]substancesounds[dot]net with your full names. First come first serve!


9pm…….Neverview vs Jay-Oh
10pm…..Whitewash vs Sweatz
11pm….. Dr.Gonzo vs Ctoafn
12am…..M.T Ed vs Pantysnort
1am….. Lickweed vs En
2am….. Deally vs J-Slyde
3am……Spin FX vs Xepha
4am……Bonsai vs Oatis
5am….. Deda vs Ill:Soul

4am……Aciddrop 10
6am-Close…….- Mash Up -…….

For full info hit the FACEBOOK EVENT.
Hope to see some friendly faces down!


  1. El wrote:

    How was this event? Heard it was a real nightmare….
    What about the proving grounds? Did you prove your worth?

  2. J-Slyde wrote:

    Sad to say that the night was a total bust. After 3 set time changes, one of these on the actual day, a few hours before the event started, I wasn’t really expecting much.

    Unfortunately they had sound issues with both of the rooms. When we arrived, at around 12, they had only just gotten the side room up from a sound outage. Promptly after that the main room lost all sound. Issues I was told were due to the sound technician not being on site.

    A majority of the DJs playing in the “Proving Grounds” had left during this time, and as a result the set times were all over the place. Luckily enough my set time didn’t change, altho I did start 20 mins early due to filling in for some of the other DJs that had left, or not turned up. The DJ on before me, Panty Snort, absolutely smashed it with one broken arm. He played an amazing set.

    My VS set went great – the guy I was up against, Deally, played extremely well. We played moreso as a team rather then against eachother. I failed to see any kind of judges scoring our set, so I doubt there was any kind of real competition going on. Will be interesting to see who plays at the next event, and if they go through with their mix CD… I was surprised, as they really pushed the gig as “The tournament of 2010” and made a big deal about the comp. Was sad to see it go so badly, because it was something different and a fresh idea.

    Overall, I couldn’t really find many redeeming features of the event. The entrance price was high ($18), drinks were served in plastic cups, and the sound issues put a really huge dampener on the event. That said, when the sound systems were working, the place did work well – it was just a combination of everything else that put a negative spin on the whole experience for me.

    I think, for their second event, they were aiming a little too high. I hope the krew can learn from their mistakes. I’ll definitely be on board for the next event if they’re happy to have me back. Support for small krews is just too small around Melbourne nowadays – so we really have to get on board these smaller events.

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