Solid Light @ Loop Bar – July 2nd

After smashing shit sideways for his debut live performance, Solid Light is bringing back the Bad-Party krew to offer up another night of high quality electronic beats. This time it’ll be at the well established LOOP bar – situated in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Expect a night of fantastic music, great company and tripped out visuals. I’ll be offering up some dance-floor friendly beats covering everything from lush prog to thumping tech-house.

Bad-Party Records & Loop Present….


Built from over two hundred thousand different sounds and samples, this Solid Light live performance will be generously accompanied by a rhythmic visual production – recently filmed in outback Northern Territory. Hey Presto, J-Slyde and Bronson will also be playing a realm of electronic tunes, covering a range of different styles, tempos and genres. If live electronic music is your thing, this is now your thing.

A sample of what to expect:

Further info:

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