Susbtance 2nd Birthday – Reschedule

Unfortunately the venue we had prepped for our 2nd birthday somehow managed to double book us and we can no longer hold the 2nd birthday on April 10th. We’re currently discussing other dates so will let you know the minute we have 100% confirmed when exactly it will be held.

The venue has also requested that we pay entirely for security – which, in our  time at running events, we have never been asked to do by any venue, EVER. If this goes ahead, we’ll have to find another venue as the price for security for the duration of the event is more then what we’ll make in ticket sales alone – not to mention paying for DJs and sound equipment. So fingers crossed they agree to sort out security. I find it somewhat rude for a venue, who will be taking all bar sales, and a deposit from us, to ask for further money to cover security. The money they make from bar sales will more then adequately sort out security and provide them with a huge profit margin. The way I see it, we make them money in bringing in a crowd – the least they could do is sort out security. It’s really quite annoying.

Anyway, this probably isn’t the best place to vent. Will post up the official date once we have all the issues smoothed out. Massive apologies to everyone for  the stuff around – its just lucky we didn’t have any of the flyer’s or promo stuff printed up!

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